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About Us


Founded by two sisters, each bringing on the table a unique perspective, together Aida Ainehchi and Ouldouz Ainehchi and full of passion for beauty, balance and eclectic interiors, appropriates the eclectic taste of its clientele in adjusting its designs to each of their desires all the while adding elegance which creates a balance within such richness.

Moreover recently Sahar AL Ansari has partnered with Kenzi, bringing in 20 years of experience in the real state and housing industry adding a new perspective to Kenzi and its clients.

Kenzi Partners


Aida Ainehchi:

A mother of two and one on the way. Studied interior design in AUD. Her style: Not everything has borders to Aida. She likes to mix various interior modalities in order to create a bold visual impact yet with a cozy but elegant feel. Eclectic can sometimes be part of her style.


Ouldouz Ainechi

A mother of twin boys. Studied interior design in AUD.  Her style: Warm at heart, brings order to the table, with Art Nouveau and rustic being her prominent favored styles. French Provincial and baroque are a style she appreciates whilst she also incorporates transitional interiors to bring balance.

Sahar Al Ansari

The childhood best friend. Works with DH asset management with 20 years of real estate experience. Her love and passion for interiors and beauty made her join this company. She is the business mastermind.

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